Assessing Lil B’s Influence

Deemed as one of rap’s most unforgettable personalities, Brandon Christopher McCartney or Lil B has been a name among the genre for quite some years now. The Based God’s name was once again tagged across the Internet’s headlines this week, as he sparred with fellow rap artist Post Malone in an otherwise laughable Twitter confrontation. […]

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Rap Sleeper Picks: “Connected”

Phonte Coleman and Matthijs Rook. These two names together: The Foreign Exchange. The project suggestion here comes with their 2004 album, “Connected”. A sophisticated, brilliant blend of beats, hooks, and pure bars, with a backstory of absolute fantasy. A duo that started with a message exchange on Okayplayer, led to a wave of influence that […]

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Rappers & Mental Health

DMX, Isaiah Rashad, Joe Budden, Kid Cudi, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West. Here is a list of some of rap’s all-time and modern-day deities. What also remains common among this list is those who have been victimized by some form of mental illness along their career. From subtle references to the pain and […]

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Project Review: Project Baby 2

Here we go again. Kodak Black’s second joint of 2017, following his March 31st release of “Painting Pictures”. Okay, let’s break it down. The project begins with a lengthy intro in the form of ‘Versatile’. On this track, we witness many references to his self-doubts, along with doubters of his career as a whole. ‘Change […]

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Project Reviews: 4:44

A 47-year old Shawn Carter coming off of marriage controversies and a few Khaled collaborations…what could we expect? I can say that most of us expected WRONG. Jay’s 13th studio album, which came at us 10 tracks deep, proved to shatter expectations and made it clear that age never phased Jigga’s lyrical prowess. The project […]

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A Hot Take on Music Festivals

We all know what goes down. You hit your daily social media feed, scroll down your average timeline of mirror pictures and inspirational quotes, and then something just catches your eye. You see a list of your favorite artists, and quickly click on the post. The post is about a music festival, and there’s a […]

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