A Hot Take on Music Festivals

We all know what goes down. You hit your daily social media feed, scroll down your average timeline of mirror pictures and inspirational quotes, and then something just catches your eye. You see a list of your favorite artists, and quickly click on the post. The post is about a music festival, and there’s a good chance 75% of the artists you listen to on a daily basis are performing. Now, you start analyzing the details of the festival, and there’s a good chance it’s in a prominent city, which could be hundreds of miles from your home (if you don’t live in New York or California). Major let down. But okay, you move with the punches and think about making a roadtrip. You hit the festivals excellently-designed website, and continue to see more details that get you straight hyped for this thing. But the ‘tickets’ section says something like (in the most polite way possible) “sorry man, we are all sold out of tickets”. Okay okay, now you keep your composure and try to hit the secondary, or for the sneaker gods, ‘resale’ market. You slide to Stubhub, TicketMaster, or the other laundry list of secondary markets to cop a pass to this festival (Craigslist if you’re trying to take a bullet to see some dudes rap). But wait! Another roadblock. DAMN. (….yeah….I didn’t mean to do that). The base price on the website was already a whole paycheck at your minimum wage job, but now the resale price tacks on another $150-$200. Now, for those who aren’t going to Ruth Chris once a week for a $89 New York strip, you’re kind of fucked. But don’t feel alone in this. This is the simple reality. $600 three-day passes to hip-hop festivals are a common sight, and they sadly seem here to stay. Now, for some ways to combat this:

  1. Don’t be poor
  2. Drake’s ‘Take Care’ and a bottle of Costco brand wine
  3. See your favorite artists in other ways (or see artists “on the come up” *as your 14-year old brother that listens to Logic says*)

Hope these are all valid and work for some readers. But seriously, don’t be let down by participating in the series of events that I explained above. Avoid festival fuckery, get creative, and I can promise you will be able to see your favorite artists without resorting to peanut butter sandwiches on Dollar Store wheat bread for weeks at a time.


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