Project Reviews: Painting Pictures

First and foremost, let me admit that there might be a bit of South Florida-bias that leaks out throughout this article. Kodak Black’s success has been largely contested up until this point, with a wide spectrum of dedicated fans and harsh critics. Across the rap industry, many more traditional hip-hop heads have looked to his lack of topic diversity and simplistic bars as reasons for criticism. On the contrary lies a rapper who seems to crank out hit after hit, constantly topping charts and flooding your social media timelines with corny quotes. Not even two years ago, Kodak Black’s existence was made aware to many by a simple Drake post of him vibing to Black’s single, “Skrt”. Now, Kodak has rolled out his first studio album coming off the unexpected success of his single, “Tunnel Vision” (if you’re 19 and in college we bet you’ve done something illegal to that song). The album has many highlights, and begins with a montage of audio clips acknowledging his many recent run-ins with the law on “Day for Day”. Following the montage, the beat drops and we are immediately immersed in a fresh and refined Kodak sound that hasn’t been witnessed on previous projects. Track #2 is an instant banger in “Coolin and Booted”, and high points across the album come in the form of “U Ain’t Never”, “Twenty 8”, “Patty Cake” and “Conscience” featuring a dynamic Future collab. I believe this album lacked the monotony that we had seen from Kodak in the past, and really displayed a concerted effort for diversifying his sound. All in all, I’d say this album worked to satisfy a specific niche of the rap community, but it will still be overlooked by a good portion of hip-hop heads. As Black remains held in jail for a recent violation of probation, time will tell if this album will ever get the appropriate tour I’m sure fans are hoping for.


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