Project Reviews: More Life

While anticipation for this project dates back to his late-October release of “Fake Love”, the industry was finally blessed with Drizzy’s latest project on Saturday. Following a live stream of the album via OVO Sound Radio, critiques of the project began to pour in as listeners witnessed new, iconic beats and big-name features. Along with the aforementioned single “Fake Love”, tracks such as “Sneakin” and “Two Birds, One Stone” added to the mass hysteria preceeding the album’s release. Surprisingly, Drake chose to only include the track “Fake Love” among this project, leaving a notable 21 Savage collab on the table. The “playlist”, as it is being deemed by the OVO crew, contains a plethora of highlights. From the catchy hook on “Free Smoke”, to Nana Rogue’s vibe-filled production on “Passionfruit”, to his memorable Quavo and Travis Scott features on “Portland”; Toronto’s own left listeners on their heels throughout the entirety of the project. The playlist does a phenomenal job in both appealing to the more lyricism-focused hip-hop heads of the world, and those who value more banging beats and easy-to-recite choruses. As streaming numbers begin to pour in, and the radio starts to become inundated with the playlist’s tracks, only time will tell how ‘More Life’ will be perceived by hip-hop heads and casual listeners alike. While debate surrounds Drake’s position among generational rap icons, his ability to capture the industry’s attention is undoubtedly incredible. As 2017 remains three months young, the promise of new projects by other prominent artists will act to refine ‘More Life”s place among top projects of the year.


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